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Activating Voiceover

The quickest way to activate Voiceover may be to use Siri. Say

Hey siri, turn on Voiceover

to your iOS-enabled device, or activate Siri manually and say

Turn on Voiceover

Alternatively, follow these steps:

  1. Open iOS Settings.
  2. Choose Accessibility. This is usually a few items below General.
  3. Select Voiceover.
  4. The Voiceover toggle, labelled Voiceover, should be the first item on the page. Toggle it On.

You should hear the words "Voiceover on" after switching the toggle. While you should keep Voiceover on for the next part of this tutorial, below are directions for turning it off. (We don't want anyone getting stuck.)

To turn off Voiceover:

(If you're still on the screen with the Voiceover toggle...)

  1. Tap on the Voiceover toggle. You will hear the words "Voiceover on," and a selection box will appear around the toggle.
  2. Tap the screen twice.
  3. A confirmation screen will pop up.
  4. On the confirmation screen, tap OK once.
  5. Double tap to activate and confirm.

You can also deactive Voiceover by activating Siri and saying

Voiceover off
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