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Conclusion and Additional Challenges

Using a screen reader for the first time can be both exciting and frustrating. To contextualize the experience, ask yourself these questions:

Thank you for participating in the session, or for reading this tutorial. We leave you with two further challenges in case you'd like to continue to test yourself.

Challenge #1: Eyes-Free

Assuming that you're not yourself print disabled, you were able to benefit from seeing all the elements on the screen while using Voiceover. In this exercise, you'll try to repeat the accessibility check, but without being able to see the screen.

To do this exercise, turn on the Screen Curtain feature in Voiceover, which blanks out the screen. To do this, while Voiceover is activated, take three fingers and tap on the screen three times.

Challenge #2: Bug Report

Did you find something not-so-accessible while testing your app or website? Now it's time to do something about it.

Try to file a bug report or otherwise share your experience with the development or accessibility team responsible for the app or website. To file the report, try these steps in order:

  1. Research the app or website to see if there is an accessibility submission form (relatively rare) or accessibility email address (slightly less rare) for the organization responsible for the app or website.
  2. Research the app or website to find an email address at which to file general bug reports.
  3. Do a search for the app or website on GitHub, where public development work is often done. If you find a repository for the app or website, file an issue on GitHub.
  4. Does the app or website have a customer service line or email? Try reaching out.
  5. Is the organization behind the app or website on social media? Try dropping them a line on Twitter or Instagram. Feel free to tag @psmyth01 and I'll likely retweet you.

Trying to communicate accessibility issues to organizations is important, but often frustrating, work. If you're part of an organization with an app or website, how easy is it to file an accessibility issue with you?

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