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Reading the Screen

Now that Voiceover is on, you will need to interact with your phone using specific gestures. We will first learn how to read items on the current screen aloud, without activating any items or buttons.

To read an item or element aloud, tap on it once. You will hear the item, and you will also see a box appear around the item.

To move to the next item as it appears on the screen, swipe right with one finger. Swipe left will accordingly read and select the previous item. Swipe through the whole page to get a feel for the gesture.

To scroll up and down, take three fingers and swipe up or down. Practice swiping up and down on the current page, (If you're on your home screen, this won't do anything, as there is nowhere to scroll.)

To go to a previous or next screen, such as the pages on your home screen, take three fingers and swipe left or right. Go to your home screen now and try out this gesture.

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